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I’m not exactly sure what the heck this thing is, but I’m sure that Batman would approve. And Jay Leno would buy one for sure.

It is a fully custom-built vehicle made in France that is part bike, part race car and part trike. It’s 100% rumble ready though. The Wazuma V8F is powered by a 3.0L Ferrari V8 mated to a sequential gear box BMW M3. It has dual rear wheels, and has been designed to be as simple and efficient as possible. Its massive wheels (two 285 millimeter slicks up front and two connected 315s around back) keep what is essentially an engine, a seat, and handlebars on the ground, while huge Brembo brakes and a highly-customized suspension system keep it from launching into orbit.

It might be the strangest combination of vehicle ever, and because it hasn’t been registered or tested anywhere, it’s probably not legal. It does…

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