Vintage Kraft


The love of a mother can not be underestimated, and such is the case of Teresa Benelli, suddenly a widow and mother of six boys in the early 1900s in Italy. In 1911, without a husband and facing the prospect of raising her young boys on her own, she made the fateful decision to invest all of her family’s capital into Benelli Garage (then focused primarily on repairing bicycles and motorcycles) with the hopes of providing stable employment and a means of making a living for her sons.

Eventually, her dream was realized and all six brothers would work for the motorcycle manufacturing company with the youngest, Antonio “Tonino” Benelli, going on to race motorcycles with his namesake to four national Italian championship titles in five years from 1927-1931. Based in Pesaro, Italy, Benelli is considered one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in Europe. Benelli still manufacturers motorcycles to this…

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