The Polish Magician


The goal of trading in my Supermoto for the Transalp was to ride further, pack more, and stay longer. This past weekend I did just that. I packed up for two nights and rode some 220kms for a rally organized in a small town of Zwierzyniec organized by the Zwierzyniec Motorcycle Club. This was their 5th year of organizing the event and from what I’ve heard it was the biggest yet. I met up with a Transalp forum member at about the halfway point and together we took the roads less traveled in no hurry at all to get there. The thing about riding the Transalp is that it will take pretty much everything you throw at it, or at least everything I plan on throwing at it.

Once at the rally we gravitated towards the Transalp/AfricaTwin corner of the camp site. It was my first rally ever, but the…

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