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Assouline touts itself as a purveyor of the most sophisticated books in the world. Home to works covering ballet, philosophy and style. Assouline began with an idea and a belief: the first, a notion that beauty, perfected, has meaning that is capable of transforming our lives; and the second, that a book—artfully crafted and highly considered in its visual content—can open our eyes and minds. Pretty lofty ideas.

Offering a look at 100 of the world’s most coveted motorcycles, Assouline‘s The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles pays tribute to the engineering and design breakthroughs that define motorcycle history.

The luxurious oversized book (think coffee-table, folks) looks at the evolution of the iconic two-wheeler, and follows its development from a vehicle merely used for transportation into a sleek symbol of speed, freedom and architectural mastery.

Priced at an outstanding $695 USD, the book is currently available on their site

The Impossible Collection…

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