I was a Road King guy for several years.

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Road Test: 2013 Harley-Davidson CVO Road King

Like a rapper’s bridgework or Don King’s ring fingers, Harley’s CVO Road King has almost too much bling. The wheels are chromed. Ditto the brake rotors, axle bolt covers, fork sliders and the headlight. And that’s all without getting aft of the front fork. Hell, even the voltage regulator is fully chromed out.

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There’s so much chrome on the CVO edition of the Road King that it is a photographer’s nightmare. Early morning sunshine gleaming off all that chrome makes capturing all that sparkle problematic, every angle seemingly producing the professional photographer’s (not that my photographic skills even approach the professional) dreaded “hot spot.” Indeed, finding that perfect angle proved so elusive that I gave up on bling and settled for the shade of a tree. The accompanying photos may not capture all the sparkle that is a CVO Road King…

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