Lovely One

Mr Aldous Huxley, this may or may not be the way that you intended this beautiful quote to be highlighted, but I felt the it was apt.

I love to look at speed records from years and years ago. I think about what a thrill it must of been to reach the massive speed of 67 miles an hour! By todays standards that seems somewhat ridiculously slow but at the time, that was flat out haul’n. Where we are now is kind if a shame; we are texting and looking for the perfect song on our device- half paying attention I might add- at 85 miles an hour, not even think about all the years of R&D to get us to this point.


I few years ago I restored a ’63 BMWr50s, a 500cc tank of a bike.( Very similar to the one above) Top speed….maybe 60 if you…

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