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I left my motel about 8:30 and motored towards downtown Boise, then over to the Boise Co-op for a little shopping. I always stop there whenever I’m in town as they often have things I can’t find in Pocatello. After spending about half an hour there, I pulled out on State and headed west toward Eagle. I soon turned North on Idaho 55, the road to McCall, but I wasn’t heading that far north,

Highway 55 is a beautiful road that rises up out of the valley and then down into Horseshoe bend and travels north along the Payette River. Very scenic, and I stopped for photos. I continued North to the small  village of Banks where  I turned west  onto the Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway, following the South Fork of the Payette for the next 70 or so miles. I have taken this route a number of times an I never tire of it. It seems to me that it is more beautiful each time I cross. Passing through  he community of Garden valley,  the road eventually intersects  with Idaho 21 at Lowman and starts to head North to Banner Summit. At some point it changes to  the  appropriately named Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway. The road continues to  follow the South Fork until it heads up to its source. Crossing the summit I am now heading toward Stanley, situated along the Salmon River at the foot of the magnificent Sawtooth Range. Numerous stops along the route for pictures.

I stopped for a brief stretch at Stanley, although I did not need gas. I always try to avoid gassing in Stanley as it seems to be the most expensive gas in Idaho. At the store I met up with a couple of riders from Salt Lake who asked about the route to Boise and I directed them back the way I had come. I also met a rider from California who was looking for a place to get a room and relax for  a day. I told him about  my next planned stop, Redfish Lake Lodge , just a few miles from Stanley and he followed me there. After some photo shooting I went back to the main highway and rode on across the Stanley Basin toward Galena Summit.

Just before  starting up towards the summit I pulled in at one of  my favorite food and rest stops, the Smiley Creek Lodge, where I relaxed for an hour and had a delicious lunch. I then crossed the 3 fit   wide Salmon River (the source is only a  couple of miles up a canyon here) and began to climb. Stopping at two different overlooks for photos before dropping down into the Wood River Valley on the Sawtooth Scenic Byway and Ketchum, just below  the Sun Valley resort. Ernest Hemingway spent his final years in Ketchum and the family still has a home there.

I rode on through Hailey to Bellevue and the took a shortcut from  which brought me to US 20 just west of Picabo (peek-a-boo), the town which gave Professional and Olympic skier, Picabo Street, her name. I stopped for some rehydration and gas in Picabo and  then headed northwest on 20 toward Arco. I was now traveling on the Peaks to Craters Scenic Byway. I rode through Craters of the Moon National Monument and into the town of Arco where again, I stopped to finish my water then continued on across the Arco desert to Blackfoot where I  pulled up on I-15 and rode the last 21 miles toward home. It was long  but wonderful ride.   Here are some pics:

Ride to live, live to ride.