Motorcycles and the Cynic

One Hundred of anything is a lot, and when you’re talking about speed, 100mph is a pretty big deal unless you spend your life on a track. It’s so special that going 100mph has its got its own slang. “Breaking the ton” or going “ton-up” has been slang for doing just that, going at or over 100mph for almost forever.

I can say with confidence that before 2004 I’d never been over 100mph in ground vehicle. (Unless my Dad drove crazier than I think he did.) Certainly not one controlled by me. The fastest I recall going in high school in D’s crappy little car was 85ish. Which since the speed limit was 55 back then was plenty fast. Given that I turned 30 in ’04 you would have been forgiven for thinking I would never go that fast, certainly not as often as I do with my…

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