After breakfast at the Ennis Cafe I headed  out along the Madison River headed for West Yellowstone .The Madison is a beautiful river and one of the premier trout fisheries in the country.  I followed the Madison to Quake Lake, formed in a 1959 7.5 richter scale earthquake which caused a tremendous landslide, blocking the river and killing 28 campers below. I then continued along Quake Lake and Hebgen Lake into West Yellowstone where I stopped for stretch off bike.

Yellowstone was next and I used my geezer pass to get in (sorry youngsters but you can’t buy one of these until you turn 62).  Yellowstone has three significant problems at this time of year. Road Construction, tourists and  heavily enforced speed limits. Despite these things, I love the park. I explored along the Fire Hole  river, stopped to see some mud pots, hot springs , and fumaroles. I had lunch on the porch at the Old Faithful Inn. I then headed to Grand Teton Na.t park, the south entrance, Jackson and home. I picked up some iffy weather which dogged mall the way home but it was still a spectacular ride. Here are  some pics.