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Spent a good night  in Rawlins at the Oak Tree Inn (recommended), had breakfast at the diner in front of the Inn (recommended) , gassed up and headed north on US 287. the Muddy Gap junction came 44 miles later where you can turn right to Casper or left to Lander. I turned left  on 287 and headed for Jeffrey City and Lander. Back in the early 80’s Jeffrey City was the site of an active uranium mine but then the bottom fell out of the market and the mind closed leaving a shell of  a town with empty homes, a beautiful school, now home to only a few die-hards. We are on the Oregon Trail again and  not to far off of the Sweetwater Stopped at Split Rock, just as the pioneers did, took a few pictures  and then motored on.  Beautiful but  sometimes hard and rugged country in southern Wyoming. I’ve always liked it. Soon I dropped down into  Lander, gassed again, returned to  the Oregon Trail and headed up over South Pass, the route followed  by the Oregon bound pioneers, the Mormons and the 49’rs. South Pass was  the key to westward expansion of the United States, the first pass found  through the mountains that would allow traffic by wagons to pass. On my way over south pass I made a stop at one of my favorite places in Wyoming, the overlook at the top of Red Canyon. I was beautiful as usual, and at this time of the year was bathed in wildflowers as well. On up over south pass past tho site of the Atlantic City mine and  past the South Pass City national Historic site (no time to stop today. I’ll make the trip again). Down to the junction at Farson. Turn right to Pinedale and Jackson, left to Rock Springs and I-80, straight ahead acroos the green river flats to Kemmerer, home of the first JC Penney Store ( ‘still there and open). In Kemmerer I jump on US 30 and head north to Cokeville where I stretch, gas, have a treat. A few miles north of Cokeville 30 turns west and I’m back in Idaho on the home stretch, Montpelier, Soda Springs, Lava and finally Pocatello. One great   ride in the books.  Here are the pics:


SOB  Ride ON!