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Left Missoula fairly early and headed south on I-90 to the town of Drummond, Montana’s Bullshipping Capital, where I connected with the Pintler Scenic Route, the majority of which runs along Montana Highway 1, past the picturesque and fun old mining town of  Phillipsburg , up to Georgetown Lake and then into Anaconda where I stopped for lunch. Just outside of Anacoda I turned on route 569 and rode this highway to Montana 43. A word about 569, it is a poorly maintained road and has plenty of bumps and potholes. It has been repaired a bit and on the Anaconda end it is quite good but about 10 miles in the good ends. Still, it is better now than when I led a group of riders across it a few years back and they very nearly lynched me.. Once connected with Montana 43,  I followed the  Big Hole River into the town of Wisdom and turned south on route 278 which winds through some beautiful ranch country and eventually beautiful college town of Dillon in Beaverhead county. After stretching my legs and gassing tin Dillon, I headed north on Montana 41 to the town of Twin Bridges, where I again turned southeast on route 287 which winds through several communities including a couple  of old mining towns including  Nevada City, a real ghost town, and Virginia City, a fun and historical place but a bit too touristy for my liking. From there it was on into Ennis,  Montana on the Madison river, one of the best places in Montana in my estimation. There I spent the night at the Fan Mountain Inn, reasonable rate, comfortable rooms, nice folks. I recommend it  I traveled with the threat of rain off and on all day but that  made for comfortable riding and  I never experienced more that a couple of light showers not requiring rain gear. Great Day. Here are some pics.

Still to come, day 6, Ennis/Yellowstone, Home