Behind My Pink Helmet

What is a risk taker? It is someone who is free. Why? It is that person who refuses to have his balls squeezed to do another’s bidding. It is when a person’s sense of pride is up there, even when a sense of uselessness is foreboding because he still stands his ground.

What he may do could be immaterial at this point but when talent is utilized, no matter what it takes, it would materialize. Just have faith in yourself. When you don’t believe in yourself, why the hell would others believe in you?

NOW, if one concedes to do another’s bidding to lessen what one deems as ‘complications’, then one’s life is no better than a robot; moving but NOT ALIVE.

Find your passion and use it. Don’t just wait and listen to the clock ticking tock…

Sometimes, looking back could be too late. Instead of seeing yourself in…

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