Elgin National Motorcycle & Scooter Show

100 years ago, in preparation for the first nationally sanctioned motorcycle race, gallons of oil were being poured over the dirt roads of the Elgin National Road Race course to give it a “smoothness like mahogany”.  Gasoline for the 45 registered racers was held in a barn before being transported to the racetrack.  The racers were no doubt getting their wool sweaters and caps ready, no matter the temperature or weather, as that was their only protection from a crash.

On this Saturday, July 6th, we will welcome all makes and models of motorcycles and scooters in Downtown Elgin’s DuPage Court as we celebrate this 100 year anniversary.  This is a family friendly event, FREE admission, unless you’d like to enter your motorcycle or scooter in our show.  There’s a $10 fee for the show, and all registrants will get a ballot to vote for their favorites.

We’ll have a…

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