I agree with this guy almost 100 per cent.

Eric R. Shelton

Yesterday I mentioned that anti-helmet law arguments were “so bad and so stupid” they’re actually pushing me to oppose them. This may not be a very fun post for non-motorcyclists to read and for that I apologize, but any time a lobbying group’s talking points are so terrible they turn a would-be supporter against them I think it’s worth examining. Biker’s Rights Online, I’m talking to you.

It’s worth noting that I’m already an ATGATT guy- All The Gear, All The Time. The more I ride, the less I understand the cruiser crowd in bandannas, sunglasses and nary a bit of CE-rated armor to be found in their leathers. But I still bristled when I moved to Las Vegas in 2011 and discovered Nevada had a mandatory helmet law. I wear my gear by choice, and it just rubbed my rebellious nature the wrong way to be ordered to wear…

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