Dispatches From the Highway


So it goes something like this…I’m lookin’ like I take a walk on the wild side — covered from head to toe (in some form or another) in black. I swaggered away from my ride (I can’t stand straight yet after 200 miles) intending to find that slice of shade beneath a tree located in a nearby park that had my name on it.

As if right as rain, a little girl come a-runnin’ toward me shouting “Mister! Mister!!” I stopped and turned around; those little legs were takin’ her just as fast as they could and so I waited on her. Breathless, she arrived at my forefront, arm outstretched straight up and her index finger pointing specifically towards the top of my head. “Mister?” she asked. “What’s that little black thing ya got there on your head?” “Well, this here” – reaching up and touching it (having forgotten I’d…

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