After arriving in Missoula, I spent the next three days with my daughter and my grandkids. On Saturday I participate  in a fashion and glamor photography workshop conducted by my son-in-law Brian who runs the Missoula Photography School and, with my daughter Amber, Ayres Photography Studio.

You can see a few of those glamor shots on my photo blog, Visions in my Mind

Brian had to fly out early Sunday morning for some job related training in Louisiana, so I spent Father’s Day and Monday with m. daughter and the kids. On Sunday we went to the Pattee Canyon picnic area where we cooked on an open fire and explored. On Monday we spent a few hours on the hiking rails along the river on Mackay Flats. The kids explored and played in the river a bit and we had beautiful weather. On Monday evening I connected with former  Pocatello colleagues Frank and Robin. we had some beers and some great Cajun Food at The Dinosaur in downtown Missoula.  Here are some photos from these happenings.


Still to come, Part three from Missoula to Ennis and Part Four, Ennis, Yellowstone, and home.  SOB