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Got out of Casper fairly early on Tuesday after a good night at  the Motel 6. I had to ride I-25 for a ways but it’s pretty country and I didn’t mind. Stopped in Douglass for gas, coffee and doughnut. then rolled on  past Glendo Reservoir on the North Platte river to the Junction of I-25 and U.S.26 and now, following the North Platte River, I began to feel at home. Following the Oregon trail past Guernsey Reservoir State Park without stopping and into the town of Guernsey, which really hasn’t  changed  much over the years, other than the usual empty storefronts you find in all of these little towns. Two items of note about Guernsey. First it is home to Register Cliff, a spot along the Oregon Trail where Westward Immigrants stopped for a day or two and left there marks on a cliff along the river. Second, they have a great Fourth o July Rodeo and celebration. I was thrown out of a fourth of July dance at the VFW club in Guernsey when a member of the band, a family friend, told the bartender that I was only 16. Rat! Anyway, just outside of Guernsey I took a little side trip up to The little mining town of Hartville, home of the once prosperous but now closed Sunrise  Mine.  Still a few people living in the  beautiful little canyon  town, oldest incorporated town in the state. It is also home to the Oldest functioning bar in Wyoming. I stopped there several years ago and I’m sure they also had the oldest functioning bar-maid. Anyway, as you’ll see in pictures the bar/steakhouse was closed and for sale. Seems that the fellow who was running it had built quite a business, with people coming from Cheyenne, Denver and the Valley to dine and dance. Alas, he has had heart surgery and is  being forced to sell. I was disappointed but I’ll be surprised if someone doesn’t take up the challenge. Anyway after the Hartville tour I was back on the road Past Ft. Laramie national historic site, On to Torrington, Wyoming, through my Hometown of Morrill, NE. and on to Scottsbluff where I was to spend my first night and part of the net day with my Nephew Brent, an airline Pilot. . After spending time with Brent, he would go off to fly and I would check into the motel in Morrill where i would spend the next few days visiting old friends and touring around the historic sites of the North Platte Valley,  home of my youth. I took some pics of course and here I share.

Still to come,  Da y 5, Morrill to Rawlins, and Day 6, Rawlins to Pocatello