Beautiiful place to ride.

Spice Jones

On June 17, 2003, Chris and I locked up our homes in Atlanta and set off on an 8 month motorcycle adventure of a lifetime. This week, to commemorate the accomplishment (and to put a little fuel on our wanderlust), we put some grease under Breezy’s skirt and pulled out the bikes for an epic ride through our beloved Colorado Rockies. It was a beautiful day that brought back so many of the amazing memories Chris and I made together ten years ago.

Some of what we have done has already been forgotten but I clearly remember Tuesday June 17, 2003 because it was the morning we left. Walking out the door was very difficult but within minutes the distractions of being on the road took over and the trip had begun. Yes there are still tears and I miss my family dearly but looking back I can’t understand why…

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