+The Scout Life

max hazan scout life royal endfield 01

Max Hazan has an endless list of references to pull inspiration + ideas from, being a craftsman of airplanes, boats, & even custom furniture. Over time, Hazan has found a special interest in motorcycles finding them to be his be-all, end-all artistic medium. He finds the sweet-spot balancing mechanical art & functional machine and his latest creation is nothing short of such.

The 1996 Royal Endfield Bullet 500 is a standard-productional rare-find outside of India. Custom-built, from the ground-up, Hazan spent two months constructing the bike frame-by-frame to every single lever & linkage. With impeccable detailing from its solid-wood seat, to its boat-referenced techniques, it has a classic yet schwagful personality; even down to its hardwood seat doubling as a rear fender. So Scout Life.

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