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Approaching Beartooth Pass from the west along...

Approaching Beartooth Pass from the west along the Beartooth Highway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A few years back my friend Steve and I were returning from Sturgis. We had ridden some marvelous roads on our trip including the road that Charles Kuralt descriibed as “the most beautiful road in America,” the Beartooth Highway. It was a hot afternoon and we stopped at a bar in West Yellowstone, Montana, only a couple of hours from home. There we meet three fellows from New Jersey who had come out for Sturgis and now were taking some extra time and riding through Yellowstone and the vicinity. They were camped near West  and they excited  about having seen a bear in their campground the night before. They asked us where we were from and we talked about the great rides in the area then one of the fellow told us something important. “I’m a wealthy man,” he said. “I own a beautiful apartment on the river across from New York City and the view from my balcony is the Manhattan Skyline. But you guys are extremely lucky. To ride our motorcycles in this kind of beauty we have to travel for hours, sometimes days. For you, it’s in your backyard. I Envy you.”


He was right, of course and we  who live and ride here in this fantastic region tend  to take for granted what we are able to do: to ride in the Wasatch, or the Tetons, or the Sawtooths, o the Bitterroots, the Absaroka  or the Wind River ranges. To go to Jackson for lunch, or ride to Logan Canyon on a whim and sleep at home that night.  To visit Sun Valley or Salmon on a day ride is a marvelous thing. Not everyone has something this special. Take every chance you have to get out there and ride.