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Italika is the leading motorcycle brand and manufacturer in Mexico, with 200,000 motorcycles sold each year. In 2010, Italika made up 55% of the motorcycle market; in 2011 it reached a 63% market share, largely owing to low initial cost. Italika sold their one-millionth motorcycle on March 23, 2011. Early Italika motorcycles were designed jointly with Hyosung of South Korean and assembled using parts shipped from South Korea and China. All current models, however, are of Mexican design and origin. Italika maintains a motorcycle factory and parts warehouse in Toluca, Mexico, near Mexico City.

Italika makes at least Five models of street legal motorcycles

  • 90 cc Underbone moped, or step-through motorcycle
  • 125 cc Standard Vespa-style scooter
  • 125 cc Motorcycle
  • 150 cc Motorcycle
  • 250 cc Sportbike

Italika also makes a variety of offroad ATVs

Italika motorcycles only come in red and black color schemes, while mopeds and ATVs are available in yellow as well.