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Daimler Reitwagen

Daimler Reitwagen (Photo credit: pilot_micha)


In November 1885, Daimler installed a smaller version of his engine in a wooden two wheeler frame with two outrigger wheels, creating the first internal combustion motorcycle (Patent 36-423impff & Sohn “Vehicle with gas or petroleum drive machine”). It was named the Reitwagen (riding car). Maybach rode it for three kilometers (two miles) alongside the river Neckar, from Cannstatt to Untertürkheim, reaching 12 kilometres per hour (7 mph). Nothing has been the same since. Motorcycles bring out the creativity and inventiveness in people. Here are some early examples. An old Navy buddy sent me these and I know nothing about them other than that they are fascinating pictures.



Extended forks are nothing new.

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