English: Harley Davidson Road King Custom, yea...

English: Harley Davidson Road King Custom, year 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As many who read this blog know, I’m trying to sell my bike., a 2006 Harley Road King. It’s a beautiful bike but has lots of miles. The reason I’m selling it has to do with my wife’s strange notion that I can only ride one bike at a time therefore I’m  supposed to sell this one before I can buy a new ride.  I have pointed out to her that she owns many pairs of shoes but has only one pair of feet, but she says it’s not the same  in a way that  makes it clear, “it’s not the same.”

I haven’t had much success selling the bike through the usual methods although my Craig’s List ad has generated numerous  responses from people who would be happy to defraud  me of my money  and bike by various means. I have also had a fair number of people who wish to buy my bike  but lack the funds these conversations usually go something like this:


Hi. Do you  still have the Harley for sale?

Yes, I do.

Would you consider taking half now and letting me make payments?

No, I couldn’t do that. Why don’t you go to your bank or credit union and get the money from them.

I tried that and they won’t loan me the money.

So let me get this straight. Your Credit union doesn’t trust you enough to loan you the money but you believe that I, who don’t know you from  Adam, should be stupid enough to  do  for you what they won’t. Is that about right?


So, I’ve taken my bike to a dealer friend of mine and consigned it, hoping that he ca sell it for me. He is motivated  as he knows that I will buy a new bike from him if mine sells. However, that leaves me without a ride for now. Frustration.


I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast this morning. Steel cut oats with apples and blueberries. Steel cut oats take a long time to cook, simmered slowly over low heat, but the extra time spent is worth it. The taste and texture beat the hell out of the wall-paper paste goo I grew up with. I hated oatmeal as a kid but I love it now, slowly simmered steel cut oats with apples and blueberries. Time  has a way of  relieving frustrations and changing outlooks. I know that my bike will sell, and the wait will be worth it in the end.


It’s hot and dry in the west. Fire danger is  very high. Here in Pocatello a couple of weeks ago, a large wildfire cost  sixty-six families their homes. In Colorado the number of homes lost is upwards of 350. Today it’s near 80 and only 9:00 am. Perhaps  I’m better off not riding now (I don’t really believe that but I need to deal with my frustration somehow). You have a good one and keep your wheels  between the ditches. SOB