A couple of years ago, my friend Steve and I stopped after a long, hot ride, in a bar in West Yellowstone, Montana. There we met some fellow riders from New Jersey who were camping along the Henry’s Fork south of town. They had been to Sturgis and now were taking in the Yellowstone Basin, enjoying the magnificent roads, doing some trout fishing.  They shared  their adventures including an encounter with a Black bear along the river.  One of the fellows told us this:

“I live in a great condo across the river from New York. I can sit  on my deck and enjoy the Manhattan Skyline each evening, but if I want to find a great place to ride it takes me  three hours in traffic just to get there. You are so fortunate that you have this kind of experience right at your doorstep. You guys take it for granted but to us it’s just amazing.”

He was right, of course. Those of us who live and ride here in the west are fortunate and we do take it for granted. I was reminded of this yesterday on my Sunday ride.

I left about 8:30 hand headed  out of  Pocatello on US 30, riding east towards the Wyoming border. At Montpelier, Idaho I turned north on US 89, traveling through beautiful Montpelier canyon and into Wyoming’s Star Valley.

Salt River Range, Star Valley

Rest Stop in Star Valley, Wyoming.

US 89 goes on to Alpine Wyoming and from  Alpine you

Tetons from the Idaho Side.

follow the Snake River all the way into Jackson Hole. Great ride with  amazing scenery.

Along the Snake river outside of Jackson Hole.

Snake River Brewing Company

Just inside of Teton National Park

Sculpture outside Visitor Center Jackson,WY

In  Jackson I stopped for lunch. I have a rule that requires me to have lunch at a Brew Pub if one is available and in Jackson  there is a really fine establishment, Snake River Brewing company. Good food and fine beer. I had one only. I  have a rule that I will drink no more beers than I have wheels under me. I had only one as I planned to stop at another Brew Pub later in the afternoon .

I then spent some time poking around Jackson, including a stop at their great visitors center and then  a quick ride out to Teton National Park, only 5 miles from town. Yellowstone park is just a few miles away too.

From Jackson I headed out through Wilson and up over Teton Pass then back down into the Teton  Valley in Idaho. I stopped in the town of Victor at the Teton Valley Brewery to sample their fine produc, and though I was tempted to stay, I headed home through Swan Valley, On to Idaho Falls and back to Pocatello. I arrived home about 6:30 after a beautiful 368 mile day-ride. I am indeed fortunate to live here in the west with such riding outside my back door. SOB

Looking back to Jackson Hole from the top of Teton Pass