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As many of you know I have been trying to sell my motorcycle. I want something new and my taste has changed ( or returned).  My narrow-minded wife says I have to sell the old one before I buy the new one (mumble, grumble,#@%*&^).

“You have numerous pairs  of shoes and I  have never asked you to sell any of them before buying a new pair” I argue.

“Not the same. Sell the Harley!”

So I’m trying to sell the Harley and to help facilitate that I haven’t been doing much riding this Summer. The bike has a little over 50K miles on the odometer and I have been loathe to add too many more.  I’ve had enough.  Tomorrow I will ride a couple of hundred miles. I must, to preserve my sanity, and  mileage be damned. The road is calling. SOB

FOR SALE: 2006 Road King Custom. Great bike for a great price. $9750 or BO in that vicinity.