I’ve always thought that taking real small kinds on a motorcycle was a stupid and dangerous thing to do.

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I was recently contacted by a mother asking what the minimum legal age is for a passenger on a motorcycle.  She was concerned because her child’s father was carrying her three year old as a passenger and she felt it was unsafe and dangerous.  She did not give any specifics as to their marital status, custody of the child, state of residence, etc. so in order to address her concerns, and those of anyone else who may be interested, I will address her question on a state by state basis.

Laws vary by state and I found it difficult to reach anyone who could provide an answer to this question in Alabama.  I did find out that the person who can provide this type of information in Alabama is the Chief Examiner for Drivers Licensure, currently Capt. Rush.  His office number is 334-353-1974. 

In some states, information can be obtained…

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