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A couple of days ago here in Pocatello, a young man went to the hospital after his motorcycle slammed into the rear-end of an automobile. He was rushed to the hospital withvarious injuries, the extent of which I’m still not sure. I do no he was not wearing a helmet.

What is significant here is that this “accident” appears to be the result of road rage.  Eye witnesses report that  the  driver of the car and the motorcyclist appear to have been exchanging  heated words for  a time as they drove side-by-side down the road. The witnesses then report that the driver pulled ahead and cut  in front of the motorcycle, slamming on his brakes for no discernible reason, causing the hit the  to hit the car. The police are investigating.

Now I know that your initial reaction is going to be something about what a  complete asshole the driver,  is and I would agree with you. If  what the witnesses describe is the true picture then he should be prosecuted and hopefully jailed. He should also be sued, but if this is your only reaction then you are missing  an important lesson.

If you run across an angry driver of some form of four-wheeled transportation, ride the hell clear  of the situation as soon and as quickly as you can. A 500 pound motorcycle cannot  win in a confrontation with a 3000 pound automobile. I know that some  folks think they’re tough because they dress like pirates or have a few tattoos, but  believe me, that  drunk in the pick-up will run over your ass and you will be one dead tough-guy. In the real-world, the laws of physics apply.