It was 10-15 degrees warmer over in the Magic Valley today, a beautiful day for riding. I left Eagle Rock at 11:00, headed west on I-84 and soon I was rolling past Massacre Rocks and the Coldwater. It was a bit windy but a beautiful day with temps in the fifty degree range when I left.Snake River-Coldwater Area

ride10-31-09 001

Massacre Rocks S.P.

I jumped of the Interstate at the Declo/City of Rocks/Rupert exit and headed won Highway 30. Rolling past fields harvested and some sugar-beet harvesting still underway. Near Milner, passed a large sugar beet dump, like the ones I knew growing up in the North Platte Valley of Nebraska.

ride10-31-09 007

Near Declo-Look at that sky

A big sugar beet pile near Milner.

A big sugar beet pile near Milner.

In Twin Falls I tracked down the Brew Pub I’d heard about,Pandoras, a great place. I’ll post a review of it here in a little while.
ride10-31-09 010

The Brewery

ride10-31-09 014

The Brew-PUb

After a fine meal and a couple of excellent brews, I went out across the Snake River Canyon, back onto I-84, and headed for home, 260 miles on the bike at the end of the day, grinning all the way.

ride10-31-09 016

The Snake River Canyon

ride10-31-09 017

The Bridge

Another day, Another Ride.
keep On Keepin’ On