If you happen to be passing through Alpine,Wyoming you  owe it to yourself  to stop at The Cheeseburger Factory, a small unassuming  place that  just happens to serve the best burgers in the world. The folks are friendly, the place is bright and clean, the service is top-notch, and the food is to-die-for.  Serving fresh ground beef (they grind their own) in handmade burgers cooked to perfection and served with specially seasoned  waffle cut fries, it is a tasty trip through flavortown.  I swear that with my first bite of the mushroom, bacon, blue cheese burger, I acheived  a new, previously unknown level of sensual  awareness.  I’ve had great burgers in some great places but The Cheeseburger Factory in Alpine tops them all.

weekend riding 004The green building  in the picture is culinary heaven for an afficionado of The Great American Burger. Great food in a beautiful setting.  A great ride to get there and great friends to share the experience; what more could you ask for?